HAANE welding systems supplies highly productive welding systems for the production of beams and profiles for steel and bridge construction.

Welding installation for the manufacture of beams for steel building construction and bridge construction. Manufacture of beams, standing, lying, or in horizontal position, applying the SAW welding procedure.

Highly productive welding system with two welding heads and use of the SAW tandem twin technology with AC/DC inverter welding power source of the latest technology and welding wire conveyance from 8 non-rotating bulk packs (drums) with 300 kg each. Manufacture of standing as well as lying double T-girders of various shapes as well as box girders for façade and bridge engineering.

Production line for interconnecting extruded aluminium sections for vehicle construction in the railway industry. Two welding heads, respectively MIG tandem and laser seam tracking. (Siemens)


Fully automatic welding device ‟Made by HAANE welding systems” for the manufacture of profiles used for vehicle construction. Application of the SAW welding process with the options single-wire, twin-wire, tandem, and combined. Automatic flux circulation, automatic slag disposal, automatic wire cutting, dust and smoke extraction. Most modern welding production cell.

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