At a pipe laying job the double jointing DJ of pipes can be a good choice for accelerating the progress of the pipe laying whilst improving quality of the welds at the same time.

Double joint stations are designed to produces pipes of 2×6.000 mm and 2×12.000 mm length.

HAANE welding systems supplies double joint stations starting for pipes dia 10” pipes using the submerged arc welding process inside and outside.

HAANE welding systems supplies entire pipe double jointing systems, consisting of:

  • Pipe edge beveling
  • Pipe line-up clamp
  • Pipe fit-up system
  • Outside SAW welding station, single or tandem
  • Inside welding station, SAW, single or tandem
  • Pipe conveyors
  • Facility layout

+Double Jointing DJ of CRA pipes

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