CLAD pipes are perfectly combining two features: Corrosive resistance and very good mechanical properties with cost advantage compared to solid/pure CRA pipe materials.

At metallurgically CLAD line pipes the long seam must be finished with having the same good CRA properties as the CLAD inside the pipe.

Inside electro strip cladding ESW is a good process to do that job. It can easily be used for pipes down to 10” size and 12.500 mm length. Typical strip widths are 15/20/30×0,5 mm and typical alloys type 625, 825, 316.

Deposition rates of 6 – 12- 24 kg/hour can be reached and quite often only one layer is sufficient to meet the requirements.

HAANE welding systems can deliver the entire system needed, consisting of:

  • Height adjustable inside boom
  • Pipe wagon
  • Welding/cladding equipment
  • Strip handling equipment
  • Flux handling system
  • Welding control panel, including weld parameter setting and control Camera control system – television data documentation for each single pipe clad