HAANE welding systems is able to supply design studies for nearly planned or reorganized production lines and factory layouts.

Therefore, it will always be an advantage to take a look beyond the basics of existing stand-alone solutions, even and especially if they have existed for a long time.

Many argue –
„Never change a running system“. But fact is that productivity is the fuel of our technical progress.

So there is a strong need to be updated technical wise any time!


We are the right partner to help you face your individual challenges. We are competent and discreet, and we know how
to handle a confidentiality agreement. We can help you to optimize everything around
your production process. If you need a specific solution,
let us know – our experts will find it!

If you want to optimize a process of your production apart from the mainstream,
but in any event you want to keep it confidential:
Please contact us.