HAANE welding systems manufactures solutions for apparatus and plant construction which are perfectly tailored to the customer’s demands. Here, frequently, high-quality, valuable products are manufactured, where any damage during handling or welding might prove costly. Often a prompt remanufacture represents a major problem due to procurement difficulties. Therefore the apparatus and plant construction is a business sector where one is never satisfied with an approximate solution, but must find the very best solution.

Example 1:
A SAW tandem welding installation for the production of autoclaves with a diameter close to 10 m. A lift for 2 persons plus tools either leads the welder to the first level. There he can approach the workpiece in a conveyor cage and tack-weld by using the MAG welding process. The second level leads to the platform from which the welds can be completed by means of the SAW tandem welding procedure.

Example 2:
A circumferential SAW welding system for the manufacture of thick-walled large valves consisting of a drive tailstock and a movable tailstock. A solid construction to firmly secure the workpieces was just as important as the realization of the greatest possible swing diameter. As welding method the SAW multimode procedure is used which allows an extremely quick changeover between single-wire and twin-wire technology. What today is considered a matter of course, is a secure service platform where filler metals can be safely refilled and the maintenance of the equipment parts can be carried out.

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