HAANE welding systems also offers robot systems as a solution for carriers of a welding head or equally a cutting head. Especially for such applications that require additional components which are usually not contained in a standard robot cell.

Welding robots with high-precision longitudinal carriage in portal design.
Standing or hanging design is possible.

Technical data:
Traverse distance of the portal:  30 m
Traverse speed:                             15 m/min
Repeatability:                                 ±0.1 mm
Track width:                                    4,300 mm
Application:                                    Laser welding

Robots for welding & cutting, multifunction unit, welding-oriented plasma cutting of complex pipe structures, laser overlay welding including safety robot cell.

Robot plasma cutting installation (multifunctional system) for welding-oriented cutting of complex pipe penetrations.

Technical data:
Plasma cutting current:      up to 600 Ampere
Software:                               TubeCut
Fiber laser:                            4 kW
Workpiece dimensions:      Ø to 2000 mm, weight up to 10 t
Cell dimensions (LxWxH): 9750 x 6700 x 4340 mm³

In addition to the solutions to use the robot as handling machine for the welding head, you can use it for workpieces. We would be glad to show you many further solutions.