“We don’t do things by halves“ – Which means we provide turnkey solutions for helical on-/ offline pipe mills and for longitudinal pipe mills.

This includes:

• Pipe forming, preparation and welding • Pipe handling • Pipe testing

Our customers produce pipes in conformity with the API (American Petroleum Industry) standards for oil, gas and water transmission for the on-shore and off-shore sector. Many innovations for the welding technology bear our signature, e.g. an adjustable flux temperature, an optimal wire transport and wire straightening. All these special applications reflect our high production quality and stability.

Whether you wish to build a new pipe mill or modernize an existing one, we are the dependable partner for you.

+Electro slag welding ESW of CLAD Line Pipes


For SAW multi-wire welding with inside and outside welding heads detailed solutions are available which allow high deposition rates. Also for small pipe diameters there exists a 14” solution with a 90° straightener and contact jaws having a lifetime of up to one week in a 3-shift operation, successfully implemented by the engineering experience in this field. As so often, it is the small details which are the key to success. Therefore, together with our customers, we have developed solutions round the handling of the welding head approved for applications under great operation stress. Optionally using an intelligent cassette system, any adjustment of the torches is coupled with a safe flux provision of flux to every wire. Furthermore, the user-friendly equipment greatly reduces maintenance time.


The tack welding head is a success story:

• Welding speed in ongoing operations of 10m/min up to 15 m/min • Minimum pipe diameter ≥ 14” Due to a specially designed wire-feed system in combination with a „proven-in-use” gas protection the weld spatters are considerably reduced and less stops will be necessary for cleaning during operation especially in a flying cross joint machine. Besides, all these systems are completed by a laser tracking system inside or outside for an automatic welding head guidance.


The flux recycling admixing rate has to be controlled and complied with the requirements of the API and oil company regulations. For this purpose, HAANE welding systems has developed a flux recovery system which fulfills these requirements.

Some of the special features are:

• Due to a controlled temperature level of > 100 °C the flux is safe during operation • Providing pre-heated and insulated tanks • Including heated flux funnels The systems are typically equipped with magnet separators. The design follows a soft and smooth flux transport which reduces the stress for the components and also for the flux itself. We only use first class components for the operation stations from carefully selected and well-known suppliers, e.g. FESTO, SIEMENS, who ensure fast and future availability by high value stability.

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